Sectors on display

Technology, Security & Automation
_Innovation and connectivity
_ Passenger sensory and emotional experience
_Self service
_Luggage processing and location
_Environmental licensing
Management & Regulation
_Regulation and certification
_ Stakeholder management
_Training of labor
Construction & Design
_Infrastructure models
_Construction and facilities
_Financing models
_How the necessary investment will be obtained
_Public-Private Partnerships
Air Mobility Trends
_EVTOL – Electric flying vehicle for urban use
_Air taxi
_MaaS – Mobility as a service
_Air mobility integrated with multimodal transport planning
Control tower
_Air traffic control
_Equipment systems
_Airline companies
_ Auxiliary air transport services
_Ramp and patio equipment
Airport Retail, Services and Advertising
_Revenue templates
_Description of how the revenue will be generated
_Flow of income
_Airport map: itinerary with service options, retail, restaurants
_Commercial concept at airports. Stores: architecture of the commercial area; influence of local culture; airport customer profile
_Advantage of airport advertising; advertising campaigns for local airports; advertising campaigns for local, regional, national and international airports.